"I've read through the book, it's absolutely the perfect combination of simplified and in depth. It doesn't feel over worded or heavy on scientific terms, but still gives you the proper terms after explaining the processes. It was very easy to follow. I think you did a perfect job explaining on a simplified level. It connected many dots for me personally. I was relating everything to our dogs here." 

"Mary  it's even better that I was hoping for! Thank you Mary! Everything is described simple yet detailed. The electrophoresis with the agarose gel gave me flashbacks to cellular and molecular biology. It was so detailed. The examples throughout are great, and extremely helpful. I will avoid spoilers!"

"All work is amazing, great that everything worked out and the book came out. Really many important and interesting things are contained there and all based on facts and several years work of authors."

"It was so engrossing that I just kept reading, until I got all the way through!  Even though I've seen a fair bit of the information already, and read Langevin et al's recently published scientific paper that this book is based on, it was still fascinating enough that I couldn't "put it down" so to speak.
Its such an easy read, and the series of photos, showing the progression of merle, from the several alleles which show NO coat change, to those same alleles doubled, producing a subtle pattern, to the alleles which produce a no white pattern when alone, and those that produce white doubled, or even alone, is invaluable, whether you just want to know why your merle dog has a muddy/reddish tinge to its coat, or simply want the combinations most likely to fit in your breed's standard, or want to know what you can breed together with little or no risk of impairments.
Absolutely worth the tiny price!"

"Extremely thorough analysis at different angles. Only passionate could do it."

"Perfectly written, absolutely understandable, informative."

"The content flows well from intro, to history, to current knowledge and examples. I see the reader can test their knowledge too. Great idea. It is just scientific enough that one needs some background, but it is clear on the explanation. Thank you for your passion and dedication."

"Awesome job, very professional and informative!! Quite obviously a huge amount of work and thought has gone into it."

"Your book is amazing!!! So clear and concise with wonderful pictures showing the various alleles!  I'm taking my time slowly digesting all the wonderful information!!"

"I really enjoyed it. I loved how as I kept reading it things just clicked for me. I had several ah-ha moments."

"I've been breeding for 30 years and I finally have the answers to questions that have always perplexed me!! My mother would have loved to see this information finally understood, but she left us three years ago."

"Finally!!! Someone unraveled the mysteries of Merle! Thank you for your dedication to the pursuit of knowledge."

"Fantastic book with great, and plentiful, photo examples. 5 stars for sure!"

"Read it nonstop without putting it down!!! Fascinating. I love the thoroughness of your reporting - every conceivable combination!"

"I can't get enough of reading the book.... 3rd time and each time you learn something new. 
I appreciate your research and writing the book. Thank you."

"Your research Mary Langevin will end up being historical! You and your fellow breeders have unraveled the merle mysteries that has pledged many of us breeders for decades, personally myself since the 70's.
And Mh, has answered the piebald issues that have haunted me since then as well.
I cannot tell you how valuable you and you're breeders have done for me personally enough.
And I know you're research is going to be famous, I just know it!!!!"

"Everything I never knew I wanted to know about Merle!! LOL"