This book is published as a PDF file, with ** pages and over *** example photos.

Cost - $10/US
This includes any revisions that may be published as new genetic Merle information becomes available and more testing is done.
Proceeds from the book go towards DNA testing currently being done and any future testing.
The file size is ** MB so can be sent via Facebook Messenger or emailed through "WeTransfer".
There is also an option for ordering a USB drive.

The release of the book has been put off for a few months because we recently submitted a research manuscript to PLOS One - an online peer-reviewed journal.
I cannot release the book until the paper is formally published.

However the manuscript is available for public view and download as a "preprint publication", released under copyright prior to the peer reviewed publication that is now awaiting review from PLOS One.

Authors are -
Mary Langevin
Helena Synková
Sona Pekova
Tereza Jancuskova

Once the manuscript has been formally accepted I can then release the book. This could take a few weeks or a few months depending on the reviewers.

This webpage will be updated once the book is ready for release.

Delivery Option Of PDF Book

Contact - Mary Langevin

Please join us on the book's Facebook page and follow along with "incredible" testing results!!