Merle Testing Information

Vemodia Labs will identify and report 7 alleles on the M Locus - 

Mh, M, Ma+, Ma, Mc+, Mc and m.

Cost - 45/Euro - Approximately $55/US

Exact base pair numbers will be reported on results.

Non-Merle -              m - Wild Type

Cryptic Merle -          Mc     200 - 230 bp

                                    Mc+   231 - 246 bp

Atypical Merle -        Ma     247 - 254 bp

                                    Ma+  255 - 264 bp

Merle -                       M       265 - 268 bp

Harlequin Merle -     Mh      269 - 280 bp

This diagram will provide a good visual of where the alleles fall on the "scale" of Merle

You will receive a chromatogram of your dog's results - a "picture" which shows the peaks of where exactly the alleles fall on the locus.

Vemodia's testing also allows for the identification of a "mosaic" result - 3 or more alleles on the M locus, due to a shortening of an allele early in development.

The following is an example of a dog who is a "mosaic".
You will notice that the Mc allele has shorter peaks - Vemodia is referring to this as the "minor" allele. This dog should have tested as Ma/M from his parents, however either the M or Ma mutated (shortened) early in embryo development and created some cells that include Mc.
This "minor" allele on a mosaic test will be reported using square brackets [**].
This result is [Mc]/Ma/M - [221]/252/267

Here is a m/[Mc]/M - m/[208]/265 result on a Catahoula.

This diagram explains the mechanism behind this Mosaic result.

International orders from Vemodia can only be done by registering an account and ordering
the test online. 

Once completed, the order can be printed off from the order screen of your computer and enclosed with the DNA sample.

The cost is 46 Euro - Approx $55/US and $70/Cdn (Depending on exchange rates.)
Payment can be made via PayPal at the time of ordering or you will be advised when your sample has been received and payment can be made at that time.
PayPal -

Once you are registered and/or logged in, a test can be ordered using this the link
provided below.

Once you have chosen your breed you will taken to the page to select which tests you require.
Select "Genetic Profiling of Animals"

All following fields must be filled in - if Chip Number, Tattoo Number and Identification are not filled in then the order will not go through. I fill these fields in with n/a as shown below.

Select "Merle Coat Pattern - SILV SINE Insertion.
Click on "basket" when finished.

Once your order has been placed the next screen will have links at the top - I find paying using PayPal the easiest.

Vemodia will accept blood or 3 buccal swabs - they do prefer cotton or rayon tipped sterile swabs over the brush type - these can be purchased from most pharmacies or your vet.
Q-tips can also be used from a new unopened box.

As well hair samples can be sent - use tweezers to pull hairs from 2 or 3 different areas of the body (approximately 20 hairs including roots are required) and enclose in a small paper envelope or baggie. If mailing from the US, it's easier to mail a hair sample as no custom's paperwork is require. When using swabs most post offices in the US will require that a custom's document be filled out.

Samples can sent by regular mail using an international stamp.

Mailing Address - VEMODIA a.s.
                                V Hůrkách 2144/3
                                158 00
                                CZECH REPUBLIC

If you have any difficulty at all with ordering on-line you can print off the order form below and enclose it with the sample.
In the payment area just write in "PayPal" and you will be billed once the samples arrived.
Please note the address at the bottom of the paperwork is for the main office, samples should be sent to the address given above.