The following contact has committed to helping others within their own breed with information regarding Merle testing. 

Tori Nacke 
Email: Endachskennel@gmail.com

The test results on this family of Dachshunds were very unexpected - previous tests on Ma+/m dogs show some type of Merle pattern. 

As you will see these Ma+/m dogs express as "solid" non-merles.
As well notice the base pair numbers for Ma+ -
they fall right in line with the allele - not near the border of Ma.

DJ - Sire - "Solid" - Non-Merle In Expression - Ma+/m - 258/m

Note The Marbling In The Eye
Note The Marbling In The Eye

Dam - Amber - M/m - 268/m

The following are pictures of the litter with the genotype of each pup labeled.

Chromatogram Results

Pup - "Darker Dapple" - Tri-Allelic Mosaic - [M]/Ma+/m - [268]/258/m

Pup - "Light Dapple" - M/m - 268/m

Pup - "Pink Collar - "Solid, Non-Merle" - Ma+/m - 258/m

Pup - "Yellow Collar - Solid" - m/m - No SINE Insertion

Pup - "Sweet P" - M/Ma+ - 268/258 - this allele combination most often creates white in the pattern as M/M can.

Spotticus -  half sibling to DJ - sire in common DJ (Ma+/m - 258/m)

Ma+/Ma+ - 258/258, D/D