The following contact has committed to helping others within their own breed with information regarding Merle testing.

Mary Langevin
Ph: 1-705-487-6039

All results shown are from Vemodia Labs.

Franceska - M/Ma - 266/251 bp

Bamboocha - Ma/Ma - 249/249 bp, D/D

Echo - Ma+/Mc - 261/224, D/D

The book will show examples of Echo's sire - Ma+/m and his grandam - Ma+/m - 
demonstrating Ma+ passed through 3 generations at the same length.

Hurricane - Ma+/Mc+ - 255/245, D/D 

Hurricane's Ma+ is the result of an inheritance of a minor allele from his sire.

Mosaicism and "Major and Minor" alleles will be covered in detail in the book.

Akando - Mosaic - M/Ma/[Mc] - 267/252/221

E/E, at/at, D/D

With Akanko's results it is not known if M or Ma mutated/shortened to the minor allele of [Mc]

Given that he has a phenotype more in line with Ma/Mc we could guess that his M shortened to Mc as shown in the  diagram below  - making some cells M/Ma and some Ma/Mc.
Akando's dam is a mosaic as well - M/M/Ma and testing has shown her minor allele of Ma being passed to offspring.
This information will be gone over in detail in the book.